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stopping active shooters with real time weapon detection and alerts

ZeroEyes is an intelligent video analytics company. Powered by AI, our technology can detect weapons and recognize faces in real time.  Once weapons or persons of interest are in view of camera, our platform sends alerts that lock doors and provides first responders the shooter’s description and location.


Apollo recognizes faces, weapons, and objects in real time and alerts authorities. Using the power of AI, APOLLO uncovers hidden insights that can enhance security and business optimization.

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ZeroEyes is dedicated to protecting our children from school shootings using AI, IOT, and neural networks. Socrates recognizes weapons and faces to alert the safety team and initiate lockdown.

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ARES is a situational awareness and defense intelligence system that captures, analyzes and correlates data from disparate sources to provide actionable insights.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Partnered with Industry Leaders in AI and Security

Face Recognition

Facial detection and recognition capabilities with blacklist/whitelist functionality.  Identify people in photos, recordings, or live feeds. Our platforms use a confidence threshold to match unknown persons to specific faces stored in our database and will rank the results in order of likelihood.

Weapon Detection

Identify weapons in real time to alert authorities.  Our alerts provide: 1. Option to lock doors 2. Picture with critical information such as location, weapon, number of shooters, and description

Other Functionalities

1. Tripwires 2. People Counting 3. Video Redaction 4. Traffic Analysis 5. Regions of Interest 6. Left Behind Bag 7. Object Detection

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stopping active shooters with real time weapon detection and alerts

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